Q: What’s feminism?

A: There’s various ways one can answer that question, but in short, it’s a movement aimed at promoting and maintaining political, social, and economic rights for women. It also acknowledges and denounces the ways in which men are confined to rigid gender roles and are affected by double standards.

Q: Are you a lesbian?

A: Would that make this blog less relevant? (FYI: lesbianism and feminism isn’t synonymous. Not all lesbians are feminists. Not even all women are feminists. Some men are feminists. And some feminists are married to men. Got it? Good.

Q: Who are you supposed to be?

A: Your worst nightmare. And your best friend.

Q: Are you an angry bitch who’s mad cause she can’t get a man?/Do you hate men?

A: Nope. Me and the male species are on generally good terms.

Q: Why should we listen to you?

A: You shouldn’t. Feel free to use that little “x” in the corner of your window at any time during your visit.

Q: If you’re for “equality”, why do you promote female supremacy?

A: Acknowledge the plights/triumphs/voices of minorities groups doesn’t automatically equate to supremacy. We acknowledge white, upper class, straight, able-bodied men all the time, but instead of supremacy we call it, oh you know, normal.

Q: What’s a negress? Why did you name your blog that?

A: The dictionary describes it as “[offensive] a black female of African origin”. I chose that name to, a.) take party in the contemporary trend of reclaiming a pejorative word with defiant socio-political work, thus, stripping it of its power. AND b.) it’s just hella fun to say.

Q: Where can I contact you?

A: For legit questions, suggestions, or leads, email me via thenegress007@gmail.com. To follow me on Twitter click here, or Tumblr click there. For death threats, hate mail, spam, and penis enhancement ads, hit me up at gotohell@gmail.com


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