Your Weekly Dose of Dumbassness [Boston Edition]

Sometimes tragedies bring out the best in America, most of the time it brings out the dumbassness.

1.) Paul Ryan uses Boston bombings as reason why we should keep bad, bad immigrants out.

2.) Genius Republican says that despite the fact that Dzhokhar Tsarnaev can’t be held as an enemy combatant and is an American citizen who has to be tried in a civilian court system, he would go ahead and torture him anyway,  because he’s a “red-blooded American”. Whatever the fuck that means.

3.) Tsarnaev uncle wants to clarify: Nephews are not actually losers, but victims of “brainwashing” by anonymous Muslim convert. The latter apparently being much more plausible.

4.) News media falsely accused three innocent Muslim Americans, (one of which was a 17-year old high school student whose photo was splashed across the New York Post) without as much as a, “sorry we temporarily ruined your life with bad journalism and Islamophobia. Our bad.”

5.) Fox news wants you to know that Tamleran Tsarnaev and his family were said to receive “state welfare benefits”, because that’s somehow relevant to this case.

6.) Crazyass Human Rights Palestine monitor thinks Boston bombings totally wouldn’t have happened if Obama never took that trip to Israel.

7.) People go out of their way to mark suspects as ” Chechens” to avoid saying “white terrorists”.

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3 thoughts on “Your Weekly Dose of Dumbassness [Boston Edition]

  1. Animaine says:

    All of this is an example of what whiteness really means in the US. The Boston Bombers are simultaneously having their whiteness revoked while having white privilege bestowed upon them.

  2. Maria Avalon says:

    Tsarnaev’s recieved state wellfare while living like rich people and going back and forth to the country they were supposedly fleeing from. They got this privilege of exorbitant money while countless Americans starved.

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