Your Weekly Dose of Dumbassness

Get your Facepalms ready, guys. You’re gonna need em on this one:


  • The Coalition of African-American Pastors (CAAP) wants the NAACP to know that they’ve got a big problem with their decision to support gay marriage, which they think is “not natural” and “against moral law.”, along with other creepy, religious homophobia rhetoric. I must’ve missed the Thou Shall Only Fight For Straight Black People verse in the Bible.
  • In case you haven’t heard, Daniel Tosh compensated for his lack of intelligence and comedic ability at the Laugh Factory by making a gang-rape “joke” aimed at a female audience member then making a bullshit case about “free speech.” Okay–you go exercise your right to free speech and I’ll exercise my right not to give a shit.
  • Geraldo Rivera says he was not only “right” about Trayvon Martin’s death being the result of his hoodie, but that the recent Chicago murders occurred due to “thug wear.”  Well, Rivera, since you seem to think clothing is such a direct correlation to violence and death, why hasn’t that polyester suit earned a cap in your ass yet?
  • Reporter Joe Williams might lose his job because he apparently stated the very obvious fact: Romney feels most comfortable around rich, “white folks” who are like him. For serious? Saying Romney only likes carbon copies of himself is the same thing as saying he has a Hair Gel Fetish. It’s just the truth.


Until next week rolls around.

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One thought on “Your Weekly Dose of Dumbassness

  1. I saw the clip of Romney getting booed…he really needs to just get somewhere and sit down. And Rick Perry needs to crawl back into the hole he crawled out of, then someone can bulldoze over it. Thanks for reminding us how stupid certain members of conservative America really are 🙂

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