True Dat: Chris Rock’s 4th of July Tweet

The quickest way to piss a white person off is to say something bad about America.

Exhibit A, Chris Rock’s Independence Day tweet that has somehow sparked the latest media ShitFit:

“Happy white peoples’ independence day the slaves weren’t free but I’m sure they enjoyed fireworks.”

Okay. Who also thought this was the Most Obvious Statement Ever Made And Was Not At All Shocked By This News? Show of hands?

But of course, conservatives did what they do best; take a valid social critique and spin it into something ridiculous: calling Rock “unpatriotic” and even going as far as to say he was “widening the racial divide” (cuz’ we all know closing racial divides is at the top of the GOP To-Do List).

These are the same type of people who were pissed off back in 2008, during the presidential campaign, when Michelle Obama said she was proud of her country for the first time in her life.   Wait, what? You mean you’re not overwhelmed with gratitude to be a part of a country that kidnapped, beat, raped, sold, and killed your ancestors? Ungrateful negros. 

I know, white people, i know. It can be hard to see through the veil of white privilege sometimes. And I know that to you, finding out that minorities aren’t “proud to be an American” is like a kid finding out that Santa Clause is fake. But here’s the good part: Chris Rock just told you. So now you know, and we can all hug and go back to ignoring an entire history of struggle and pretending to be in a post-racial society. Just how you like it.

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One thought on “True Dat: Chris Rock’s 4th of July Tweet

  1. Like one of my FB friends said about the “controversy,” didn’t Frederick Douglass say something similar on July 4, 1852? Our country is one which was founded on the notions of liberty and justice for all, but slaves were counted as 3/5 of a human being for the purposes of the census and were otherwise classified as property.

    Slave labor drove the American economy for most of its first century of existence; we built this country and its wealth. In return, we were brutalized and dehumanized, the education of our children neglected (Chris Rock once said, “The policy in America for centuries was ‘If you read, you die.'”), our women violated, and our men destroyed like animals. When forced to do right by us, they gave a half-assed effort toward integration, while still ostracizing us from our birthright by blood, sweat, and tears.

    When we ask for deserved social measures to improve our station in life, to bring us on the level of those with “the complexion for the protection” (another Chris Rock quote), we’re called lazy. America is called a “welfare state” for trying to atone for its original sin. Original sin: that’s why white America hates us so. We’re reminders of how base, how low, how inhuman they can be, were, and still are to this day.

    To sum it all up, I’ll use yet another Chris Rock quote: “If you’re black, America’s like the uncle who paid your way through college…but molested you.”

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