Your Weekly Dose Of Dumbassness

Welp, it’s about time to take that trip to the Magical Land of Dumbassness. Buckle up, kids:


  • Herman Cain takes a brief break from sexually harassing white women to launch a Web Channel called CainTV.    which is supposed to deliver comical commentary in an “INformed, INspirational, and INtertaining way.” And I can name 999 things I’d rather do than watch it.
  • [Warning: Fox News link ahead] Conservative Keith Albow says that Obamacare  will “infantilize” Americans by somehow taking away their autonomy through the individual mandate. Hmm, whining about paying your fair share? Who’s the real baby?
  • Attention all sluts: Now you can do your part in maintaining sexual double standards by purchasing the Walk of Shame Kit, which includes a pair of sunglasses (hides your slutty face better) and wipes (cause you’re a filthy hoe, obvi.) The Geekerella Report breaks it down here. 
  • TheWomen’s Tennis Association and the International Tennis Federation are working together in moronic harmony to stop female tennis players from grunting during matches. It’s being chalked up as a “disturbance” to fans who don’t like the “loud noise”, which we know just means that all the major sponsors have their dicks in a twist because the players have forgone ladylike gender norms to–i don’t know–win?

Sigh. Until next time.

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