White Kids Go Viral When Doing Nothing Remotely Interesting

Now, I won’t get all up in arms, because this is YouTube we’re talking about here. A cesspool of narcissism and superficiality, the place where intelligence goes to die and a, Who Can Be Stupidest? contest is continuously in motion  (except him! and her!). So when you talk about something going “viral” it usually  says diddlysquat about the quality of the content.

But still.

I find it profoundly odd that 90% of the time a video gets over one million hits, or garners national attention, it involves white people, and 90% of the time they are doing the most mind-numbingly mundane shit.

For instance, the JK Wedding Dance Entrance that got over 76 million views. (Because white people attempting to dance on beat to a Chris Brown song is as fascinating as it gets, folks.)

Or what about the white kid who went to the dentist? (+122 million views), the white kid crying about Britney Spears, (+43 million views), the white kid who doesn’t like his mom because she wouldn’t give him cookies (+98 million views), the white girl who sang a song about a day of the week (+34million views), and of course, a white baby who bit another white baby’s finger (+462 million views).


At least Antoine Dodson‘s i’gnant ass had charisma…

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4 thoughts on “White Kids Go Viral When Doing Nothing Remotely Interesting

  1. This is so true! Even if you look at alot of the big names on youtube like SXEPhil or Ray William Johnson, they’re not really doing anything spectacular. Meanwhile, there are lesser known channels that mop the floor with the big names but don’t get a chance. If you wanna be an overnight internet success you need at least one of these things:
    1. Big boobs with exposed cleavage
    2. A child doing something cute
    3. Fall down while tryna do something smooth (Ala “Scarlett Takes A Tumble”)

    It reflects a few things about our society. 9 times out of 10, making videos about things that actually matter won’t get you much attention. Neither will having actual talent (there’s a whole section on Youtube where people who can actually sing/dance/act/are genuinely funny reside but their vids only have a crumb of the views that the vids you mentioned have).

    In the US, Whites are the majority and predominant group. If you go into any corner of youtube, (political/religious discussion, gaming, vlogs, etc), the overwhelming majority of the videos are done by white people. So whether it’s by being a total ruhtard or by producing content which can actually stimulate your mind, content produced by white people is bound to get more attention. I don’t think it’s necessarily a conscious decision on their part, people just tend to gravitate to people who look like and are more relatable to them.

    But don’t worry, minorities, you can become an internet flare-up success too! Just get in a fight at school/in your neighborhood or record yourself twerking in some panties or booty shorts and you’ll be on your way to WorldStarHipHop.com in no time!

  2. Or, maybe those videos were popular because most of them featured kids, and really cute ones at that? Also, point in case: You Forgot Blueberries. Last time I checked, those kids weren’t white. Let’s face it, a majority of Youtube users aren’t looking for anything other than something interesting to watch, some thing funny, or something just plain mind-numbingly stupid.. Also, a lot of the people who spend copious amounts of time on Youtube are kids with nothing else better to do after school or when they’re with friends… And kids will watch just about anything. That includes really stupid viral videos.

    • negress007 says:

      While the “cute kid” factor does hold weight when it comes to widespread attention, and as I mentioned, YouTube is a cesspool of Stupid, my point was that even within this stupidity, white kids are disproportionally represented in social media, (or any media) That is a fact. These videos were brought to me in a compilation entitled “Most Watched YouTube Videos Of All Time” only two of them were minorities (the only black person was antoine dodson, notorious only for his flamboyancy). Kids of color, however, are only acknowledged on places like YouTube (or blogs, twitter, facebook) when they do something remarkable or deemed “noteworthy” by white mainstream media, which using usually includes violence, sexuality, or bafoonery (see Beauty and The Beat). I know very, very few kids of color who have done things as mediocre as the videos I listed, and have gotten the same reaction. If Rebecca Black–an average looking girl with completely average singing abilities–didn’t teach us that, I don’t know what did. Hmm, I wonder how many black kids made music videos of themselves who have yet to get an interview on ABC news. That’s the thing about white privilege, it manifests itself in the simplest and subtlest ways; white kids are seen as undeniably “all-american” so it is easy to see their behaviors (interesting or not) as more relatable. To whites, people of color are subconsciously put into the category of “other”, so their relatability far less existent, and they must overcompensate with exceptional charisma, humor, talent, or beauty to be placed on the same platform with average whites. Mind you, this occurs in ALL aspects of American life and media, I just chose YouTube as one example. I thought that this was obvious. Silly me….. Thanks for the interesting comment.

  3. Nick says:

    I think you’re reading into it way too much…you sound a tad racist imo

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